How to get benefits of Jio fiber

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New Delhi: The Jio series was launched by the reliance industry some time ago. It gained much success in a very short period. Jio has since far provided with internet programs, range of mobile phones including keypad and smartphones. Jio broadband fiber is the new plan provided by reliance Jio.
How to get benefits of Jio fiber
Fiber is the technology that will surely flourish in the future. The company has promised to give the highest speed internet ranging from 100MB to 1GB per second to the companies which would definitely help to work without buffering due to slow internet service.
What is the plan? The new recently launched broadband fiber plan by reliance Jio gives direction to increase the profit of the industries by giving the highest speed of internet in the future. The plans consist of getting a lifetime or annual jio broadband plan. The Jio router is to be installed in the working place. Even the regular Jio users’ needs to get it installed first. The router costs about Rs 6000 and for Jio users it costs Rs 4500.
How does it work? It is also known as Jio Giga Fibers. The plans are made into two different categories of current plans and future plans. The plans are available with both prepaid and postpaid options. The current program given by Jio Giga Fiber preview offer includes free internet service of 100 GB monthly for the period of 90 days with the speed of 100Mbps. The plan is to be implicated in the metro cities first. The plans are introduced in the cities of Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, and Vishakhapatnam.
Benefits of installing Jio broadband: –
  1. It gives the highest internet speed experience. It gives the fastest downloading and uploading speed which would help in working rapidly and more efficiently.
  2. It provides your internet service by the means of optical fiber which would get enriched in the future and work more efficiently than recent means of services.
  3. You can get free televisions, personal computers along with superior internet speed by subscribing to Jio fiber.
  4. It gives four times more data to the user with the speed increased to ten folds and that too at half cost from the previous plans.
  5. The broadband may be launched including television and landline series. It would allow watching TV using the internet.
  6. One of the best parts is that the plans start initially from Rs 700 and increase further with the more facilities included in the package.

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